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Authors guidelines

Authors guidelines

«OrelSIET Bulletin» journal has been published since 2007 and is a regular scientific edition of OrelSIET which promotes research activity, supports scientific schools and trains specialists of high professional qualification. It is published quarterly. Results of scientists’ researches on economic theory, management of national economy, accounting, statistics, merchandising of foodstuffs and technology of public catering are published in the journal. «OrelSIET Bulletin» is addressed to researchers, faculties of educational institutions, post-graduate students and students who are interested in the newest results of fundamental and applied researches in various scientific schools.


Requirements to the articles:

- The title should not be too long, but completely correspond to the article content.

- A as a rule, the articles should be analytical and not descriptive. The author should accurately define the circle of cases in point, their urgency and research objectives. The article should contain not only the list of citations and the points of view, it is necessary to carry out their analysis and to give sights systematization on the investigated problem on its basis, to formulate the author's approach to the theme. Positions of the author should be reasoned and logical. The article should be finished with conclusion and suggestions.

- It is recommended to give references to literary sources and statistical data cited in it in the article. References should be got up according to GOST Р 7.0.5-2008 “Bibliographic Reference. The General Requirements and Drawing Up Rules”.

- Citation, summary and keywords are obligatory. Summary (the recommended volume of a summary - 500 symbols with spaces) and keywords are written both in Russian, and in English. Citation is given in the end of the manuscript in alphabetic order according to the authors surnames according to the accepted standards of bibliographic entry.

- Articles with the volume of not less than 0,4 and not more than 1,0 printed sheet are accepted.

- Articles for publication in the journal should be accompanied with a review. Post-graduate students’ articles should be accompanied with a recommendation signed by the supervisor of studies or head of the chair.

- The manuscript should be accompanied with a document confirming its originality. Recommended Internet service is AntiPlagiat.ru (access mode:: http://www.antiplagiat.ru).

- Information about the author are enclosed to the manuscript:

Surname, Name, Patronymic (Full Name)

Work Place:


Scientific Degree, Rank:

Mailing Address:



Manuscript Title:

Quantity of Pages:

Formatting Requirements:

- Editorial board accepts materials in electronic form (transfer by e-mail: rio-ogiet@mail.ru).

- The material should be typed in text processor Microsoft Word in doc, docx or rtf: font Times New Roman - 12 пт.; line spacing - single; paragraph indent - 1,25 cm; all the margins - 20 mm.

- If formulas is inserted Microsoft Equation 3 is used in italics. Blocks in the schemes should be grouped. It is necessary to type formulas in Roman type (the basic symbol size 12 pt) and to number on the right in round brackets.

- Drawings should be black-and-white, without semitones, lines thickness is not less than 0.5 pt. The size of the drawing should not exceed 150×150 mm.

- Quotation marks in the article should look like this: «….»; citation reference is put in square brackets «… ….» [1].

- Pagination is obligatory.

- In the centre F.(irst name)S.(econd name) Surname are printed in bold italics, the title of the article is typed a line below. The text should not have underline. In the end of the article, in the right corner Surname, Name and Patronymic (completely) are given, a line below academic rank, position, the names of the chair and university are typed. Besides contact phone or e-mail address are presented.

Materials out of line with the requirements are not considered!

Editorial board reviews, carries out necessary scientific and stylistic editing of all the materials published in the journal by all means. Reviewing and editing of manuscripts (scientific, stylistic, technical) is carried out by the editorial council according to requirements of Higher Attestation Commission of Russian Federation to scientific literature publication. The editorial board has the right to decline the work out of line with the requirements to the publication. Editorial is not obliged to explain the authors nontechnical reasons for articles rejection. Highly skilled experts co-operate with the journal and their opinion is defining.

Editorial board does not guarantee any publication terms of articles having positive review. On the average, it takes 3-6 month to pass through the technical control and to get positive decision of the editorial board.

The Orel State Institute of Economy and Trade and editorial board of «OrelOSIET Bulletin» invites lecturers, practical workers, post-graduate students and students to cooperate. The journal subscribers will have priority at publication.


  1. Editorial Board of «OrelSIET Bulletin» reviews only the materials sent by e-mail. Materials for publication should be sent to: rio-ogiet@mail.ru. The articles are reviewed, and all necessary scientific and stylistic editing of the materials published in magazines OrelSIET is done by the Editorial Board according to the requirements of High Attestation Commission of Russian Federation
  2. Materials and articles should correspond scientific views, results and achievements of fundamental and theoretical-applied researches in the sphere of economic science and other social-humanitarian sciences and a number of natural-technical sciences (mathematics, informatics, commodity study, technology and nutrition hygiene). Materials out of line with the themes of the subject areas are not considered.
  3. Each article must have a review of a specialist (Doctor of Science, Professor). The articles of post-graduate students and applicants for scientific degree must also have a recommendation for publication written by the scientific supervisor.
  4. The Chief Editor sends the article to the member of the Editorial Board in charge of the topic. If the member in charge is absent or is the author of the article, the material is sent to external reviewers.
  5. The external reviewers can be well-known specialists in the sphere who have had published articles for the last 5 years in the reviewed journals. They should have the same or higher scientific degree.
  6. The reviewer must send a review or motivated refusal within 2 weeks since the date of getting the material by post of Russian Federation or email.
  7. All the articles having a review of Editorial Board are discussed at the regular meeting and a decision on publication is made. The author is sent a letter concerning the decision (by post or e-mail).
  8. The reviews are placed in custody in the Editorial Office for 5 years and its copies may be put at the disposal of the Ministry of Education and Science on demand. Editorial Staff puts corresponding reviews of the articles at the disposal of authors and Councils of Experts of High Attestation Commission on demand without the name of the reviewer.
  9. The article submitted to the Editor for the second time after correction is reviewed again.
  10. External reviewing is possible if:
  • The member of the Editorial Board in charge of the topic is absent;
  • The member is not able to make a review;
  • The Editirial Board does not agree with the opinion of the member of the Board;
  • The member of the Board is the author of the article.

There should be a decision of the meeting of the Editorial Board to ask a scientist in the corresponding field of science to review the material. He is sent a letter with the request for reviewing, the article and recommended review form.

General Review of the Article

The review should highlight the following issues:

  • Urgency and correspondence to the themes of the journal;
  • Scientific level and novelty of the results submitted for publication and their practical importance;
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the content and style;
  • Concrete recommendations to improve the article;
  • Possibility/impossibility of publication of the reviewed article in the journal.

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